Hassani Kwess

Hassani Kwess is a multi-talented hip-hop artist hailing from Washington, D.C. His rhetoric urges you to listen while the content of his songs combines influences of previous generations of hip-hop while infusing present trends to paint pictures of a world connected. His decision to journey into the music industry was influenced by the musical stylings of artist/groups such as De La Soul, Linkin Park, Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G. and A Tribe Called Quest. The debut of his 2009 EP “Cross Into The Black” (XIB) placed him amongst the DMV’s rising stars as his singles “Summer 89,” “Jazz (Halftime)” and “Box of Shellz”  were performed for receptive crowds throughout Washington D.C, Virginia and Maryland.
Last year (3.10.12) Kwess released his latest project entitled “Ruthless” which features production by the Cool Kids' Chuck Inglish, Big Duke Slab, Chuck Bein, DJ Black Diamond and Kwess himself. The project was well received by many and opened a lot of eyes and ears to Hassani Kwess’ rising success. Kwess has also been featured on Asher Roth’s mixtape “Pabst And Jazz,” where he joins Asher on the projects title track. The chemistry between the two also landed him the opportunity to perform alongside Asher on the the mixtapes release tour in the cities of Brooklyn, Philadelphia and Chicago where he garnered new fans and followers. Kwess recently returned to the DMV after a brief residence in L.A, where he  fine-tuned his craft; expanding on his network and opportunities while having seemingly found his groove.

​These days you can find Kwess working hard on his latest project, 'The Kwess Never Sleeps' (which drops June 15th) which features new music and production including "MatterBomb The Canidae Regalia" and "Kingdom Come," two recent singles that have set the tone for the overall project. So keep your eyes peeled on Kwess who is on track to becoming a huge success, as his sound and craft are molded from some of the finest aspects of hip-hop culture.

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